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Austin Donation Yoga About Us

Austin Donation Yoga is a website dedicated to give you the most comprehensive yoga tutorials and facts available on the web today.

Today, when majority of the people are conscious about their health and well-being, yoga is one of the first options to choose from.

Yoga can boost your health, mental fitness and spirituality. Your mind and body is one once you know how to properly do yoga.

It’s for amateurs and experts alike. Kids too can enjoy this wonderful experience.

With all the stress from work, we people need to relax every once in a while. You cannot have a great body without a great mindset.

Heard the term, “Mind over matter”?

That statement is completely true. Your mind is like the CPU of the modern computer. It commands every part of your body. Majority of diseases are actually caused by stress and negative vibes coming off from you.

You just got to think straight. You can meditate in just 2 seconds as the monks from Tibet said.

Who said learning yoga is hard? With Austin Donation Yoga on your side, learning the craft is a piece of cake.