Pediatric Gynecology

Pediatric Gynecology


Pediatric gynecology refers to a branch of philosophy or medicine that deals with the diseases affecting young women, especially as they related to their reproductive system.

This is one area of medicine that has been attracting attention over the recent past, owing to the ever-increasing cases of infections related to young women.


Common Infections Covered By Pediatric Gynecology

Pediatric GynecologyThe following are some of the common infections that this branch of medicine covers.

Endometriosis -This is a common problem among young girls and women affecting their uterus. It is caused when the tissue that normally forms the lining in the uterus develops somewhere else, thus resulting in infertility.

The condition is characterized by very heavy periods and recurrent pains in the abdomen, pelvic areas and lower back.

Uterine Fibroids – Though more common in older women than in the young ones, Uterine Fibroids are considered the most common noncancerous tumors and they are basically cells and other issues that grow in and around the woman’s womb and uterus.

Symptoms of this condition manifest as heavy periods, having a fluffy lower abdomen, frequent urination, pain during sex and pain in the lower back.

Gynecologic Cancer – Gynecologic Cancer may start from various areas of the woman’s productive organs and it is also another disease covered in pediatric gynecology.

The cancers take the names of the organs from where they begin for example, uterus cancer refers to cancer of the uterus, vaginal cancer refers to cancer of the vagina, ovarian cancer for the ovaries et cetera. Regardless of where these cancers begin they manifest in almost the same manner, as inflammations with pain and discomfort in the concerned area.

Aside from the conditions discussed above, there are various others covered under pediatric gynecology such as HIV/AIDS in young women, polycystic ovarian syndrome, Interstitial Cystitis and other sexually transmitted infections.


Other Roles Of Pediatric Gynecology

Aside from monitoring infections in young women, Pediatric Gynecology also deals with the psychological aspects. Cases such as sexual abuse of young girls are also covered here, where the experts offer counseling and therapy to the affected families.

Those young women with terminal infections such as AIDS also benefit from the services of Pediatric Gynecology, where they receive counseling so as to get their lives in order and live normally like the rest of society.